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Two Friends Conceived A Child Together Before A Bitter Dispute. Now A Court Has Ruled In His Favour

A man who donated sperm to conceive a child with a friend and went on to be involved in his daughter's life is legally her father, Australia's highest court has ruled. The long-running family law dispute, between Robert Masson and couple Susan and Margaret Parsons, was resolved in a ruling on Wednesday that prevents the Parsons from relocating to New Zealand with the girl and her younger sister. All names are pseudonyms ordered by the court. Masson and Susan Parsons had known each other for more than 15 years when he provided sperm for her to conceive a child. He was named as the father on the birth certificate and told the court he had always intended to take an active role in his daughter's life, and did so as she grew up. The girl and her younger sister — who was conceived using anonymous donor sperm and is the legal daughter of Susan and Margaret — both live with the Parsons, who are married. The girls spend time with Masson, who they call "Daddy", and ... Read More

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